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The Push2Open ordering process

There are five simple steps to get you from your IKEA kitchen design to ordering the parts to convert your Maximera drawers.   We will walk through each of them in order ...

Map in Grass

Identify your kitchen type

Ikea has two kitchen systems, SEKTION & METOD and multiple types of drawer runner design, depending on where you are in the world 

Review your design

95% of IKEA layouts are compatible with the system but it makes sense to double check your design first 

Modern Kitchen

Gather your drawer sizes

In this step you'll write down your drawer dimensions & positions within each cabinet


Order your Blum TipOn

You'll order the BLUM TIP-ON BLUMOTION units, for each drawer, from your local distributor 


Order PUSH2OPEN kits

Finally, you'll order your PUSH2OPEN brackets,  triggers & Installation kit from this website

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