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Identify your kitchen type

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Ikea has several variants of its kitchen based on location and type of drawer runner design. If you have not yet ordered your kitchen and are unsure which system Ikea operates in your country consult the table below.


Once you've identified your Ikea system, click on the name to move to step 2

Drawer runners have two rows of holes,  spaced 13mm apart

IKEA SEKTION is sold in the USA & Canada. Base cabinets in this range have 23 rows of holes on the sides of the cabinet, spaced 31.75mm (1.25") apart

All IKEA METOD systems have 15 rows of holes in the sides of the base cabinet, spaced at 50mm intervals. METOD is the European system and also covers most of the rest of the world. There are two variants identified by the drawer runners used

METOD -1 uses either of these two drawer runner designs. The top variant looks very similar to SEKTION's, but note that METOD -1 drawer runner hole rows are spaced 19mm apart, not 13mm apart.


Just like METOD -1, the METOD -2 system has 15 rows of holes, spaced 50mm apart, in the sides of the base cabinet. This specific variant is identified by its unique 'tabbed' drawer runners. It is the system used in UK, France, Italy and a handful of other countries around the world


As for all METOD systems, the two rows of holes on these drawer runners are spaced 19mm apart

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IKEA systems by country

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Use the table to find your country, if you're unsure which PUSH2OPEN system (Sektion, Metod -1 or Metod -2)  you should be ordering.

The tell-tale identifier of systems is the type of Maximera drawer runner that's being used (these are pictured in the headers of the ordering areas above so you'll know if you're ordering the right parts by comparing that with what your drawer runners look like).

If your country is not listed on the right here then go to your country IKEA site and download the MAXIMERA drawer assembly instructions. That will include pictures of the drawer runners that are used in your country.

Some METOD-1 drawer runners (Blum TandemPlus manufactured) look very similar to SEKTION runners - but please note that in the METOD-1 version the rows of holes on the runners are spaced 19mm apart whereas for SEKTION the otherwise identical runners have hole rows that are spaced 13mm apart.

Ikea System
Metod -1
Metod -1
Metod -1
Metod -2
Metod -1
Metod -2
Metod -1
Metod -1
Metod -1
Metod -2
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