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Installation Overview

Is the PUSH2OPEN system easy to install?

Yes! At the heart of the system is an installation jig that dramatically simplifies, accelerates and assures accurate installation of all components to the cabinet and drawer. No measurements need to be made as the jig registers to corners, edges and pre-drilled holes on the cabinetry. This assures an accurate install that is trouble free.

Do you provide clear instruction?

Yes! The system comes with a generously illustrated 20 page printed installation instruction. Many customers have commented on the clarity of the instructions, which take you through each step in detail.

How long does it take to install the system?

Typical drawer installation involves drilling 8 holes and screwing components into these holes and cutting a plastic rod to the correct size to connect left and right actuators. In total this process should take no more than 15 minutes per drawer - although it'll probably take you a little longer to do the first one!


Will I need to drill holes in my drawer fronts?

Since the drawer boxes get shifted up 19mm (3/4") relative to the drawer fronts you would think it necessary to drill new holes in the drawer fronts but this is NOT necessary for most drawers. Only drawers at the bottom of cabinets need new holes to be drilled and this is easily accomplished with the installation kit.

What if I accidentally drill through my drawer fronts?

The installation kit makes this impossible. The 5mm drill assembly is calibrated to drill to a maximum depth of 13mm so you cannot drill through your expensive drawer fronts.

Is the system compatible with non-IKEA custom drawer fronts?


Do I need to cut or substantially modify the standard Maximera drawers supplied by IKEA for this to work?

No! There are no modifications to the metal drawer boxes themselves, which should be assembled as IKEA intended

Is there anything else I need to consider?

This system is compatible with the vast majority of IKEA installations - Any additional considerations are covered during the web ordering process so that you can be assured of an issue free installation. The PDF document also details design considerations.

I have more questions ...

Use the CONTACT menu option to send a question about installation or anything relating to your specific IKEA kitchen design.

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