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Creating a modern,

handleless IKEA kitchen

with push-to-open conversion kits

  • PUSH2OPEN kits convert IKEA kitchen drawers to quality, handle-less Push-to-Open drawers

  • Lightly push your Maximera drawers and they will spring open


  • Solution retains the soft close feature of the drawers

  • Works with all current IKEA kitchens (SEKTION & METOD) around the world

  • Compatible with all IKEA and custom drawer fronts - you're no longer restricted to VOXTORP  for handle-less

Use the Automated tool to order the parts you need by simply entering your cabinet drawer sizes and configurations.

It's simple !

Want to know more?


USA / Canada



Europe / Asia


Click PRICE & ORDER to walk through the entire ordering process OR -

- Click BUY NOW! if you already know which parts you need OR -

- Click the PDF logo if you'd prefer to look at the solution details offline


Blum components mount under drawers

PUSH2OPEN parts mounted to the cabinet

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