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Order your PUSH2OPEN kits







All that's left to do is to order the PUSH2OPEN parts that enable you to mount the BLUM components to your IKEA MAXIMERA drawers. This is the final step.

The instructions to the left of the ordering area explain what quantities of which pieces you'll need, based on your earlier analysis of your kitchen design in Step 3.  In the fictional example, we would require 4x BKS003, 2x BKS002L and 1x TEM050UFI.

You're all done!

Installation Kit (TEM050UFI)

You will need one TEM050UFI Installation Kit for your METOD-2 system.


You will also need the correct number of brackets and triggers for upper and bottom drawers:

Bottom Triggers (BKS002L)

Used on drawers mounted at the bottom of a cabinet. Look at your Bottom Drawer Count. Since BKS002 kits are good for two (2) drawers, just take this count & divide by two to get the quantity of kits you will need to order.

Upper Brackets (BKS003)


Look at your Upper Drawer Count. Since BKS003 kits  support two drawers, divde your upper drawer count by 2 to get the correct amount that you'll need to order for your project.

Upper & Lower kit (BKS001L)

NOTE: The BKS001 kit supports one upper drawer and one bottom drawer - you can use this kit to make up the correct number of brackets / triggers if you have odd numbers of upper/lower drawers.

Thank-You for your Order!

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